Patients Review

My Treatment was very good and high quality service was given. Doctor means trust and always trust prevails. Dr Prachi Pawar I had lot of trust and was proved because what I payed & I were promised same lens was implanted in my eyes. No malpractice at all. Other part to increase trust was Dr is doing NGO work and operating poor patients too.

- Mr. Dattatray Kolhe

Cataract operation on my only functioning eye was done very nicely. The Hospital staff and other helper’s cooperation and behavior were good. There was no trouble or no complain at all regarding the hospital.

- Mr. B.K.Jadhav

Baby Ronak had congenital Pediatric cataract. The treatment including examination and operation went on very good. We got the facilities which we wouldn’t have got any where else, such good service we received. Staff also spoke and behaved very nicely important part is we patient had come from Bhadgaon far of district; our comfortability was seen and takes care of food also that was very appreciable service.

- Baby Ronak Kale’s Father

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